July 30, 2017

Online Degree Programs

As is becoming more common in today’s culture, some students are choosing to attend psychology school programs remotely by enrolling in online degree programs. There are advantages and disadvantages to an online degree school versus a traditional education. Both are viable options for interested students, and one should select the option that best suits one’s needs.

One of the major advantages to online learning is choice of school regardless of one’s physical location. For someone who is unable or unwilling to relocate for school, online programming offers an opportunity for train at an institution that may have otherwise been impossible due to its physical location.

Currently, only a few schools offer graduate-level training for psychology: the University of PhoenixCapella University, and Walden University. All other online degree programs in psychology offer bachelor’s degrees only.

One of the major disadvantages to distance learning is that one does not have an opportunity to work on communication skills. Communication skills for a psychologist are of critical importance. It is possible that students may be able to develop these skills during their clinical rotations, but it is likely that the skills will not be as honed as for someone who attended an on-site program.

Online psychology degrees are available on a limited basis. These degree programs offer flexibility of scheduling unparalleled at traditional universities but do not offer students the opportunity to work on oral skills. These factors should be considered for those looking into online learning to obtain education toward working in a psychology career.

While it is possible for an excellent student to receive an adequate education via online learning, many people frown upon this approach when the degree being sought is a patient-centered career such as psychology.

For the average individual, psychology degree online programs are not likely to be the best choice to pursue a degree in the field. However, for someone who requires more flexibility in his or her education, this option is available.